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October 5, 2010

Changing Delimiters in CSV files using VBScript

Filed under: Scripting — Prabhuram @ 6:27 am

Here is a VBScript file to transform CSV files from one delimiter to another. The sample here will convert a Tilde(~) delimited file to Tab delimited. Feel free to take the code and change it. Four identifier values in VBS file should be changed before executing it. The identifiers are:

  1. Input folder (reads all files from this folder)
  2. Output folder
  3. Find Delimeter
  4. Replace Delimiter

Always run this file from command prompt or from a batch file, else change the "stdout" in the code. After execution the program gives a summary about the file and record information. To run the script simply execute the following commands:

C:\>wscript /h:cscript /B

Download source here: ChangeDelimiter.vbs (1.43 kb)

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