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October 29, 2017

Combining multiple files to one Excel file

Filed under: Python — Prabhuram @ 8:41 am

This python code below allows you to choose multiple files (.csv, .xls, .xlsx) and create a multi-worksheet Excel file.

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from tkinter import filedialog
from tkinter import *
from pathlib import Path
import pandas as pd

root = Tk()
infiles = filedialog.askopenfilenames(
                title = "Select the file you wish to convert", 
                filetypes = (("Excel files", "*.xls;*.xlsx"),("all files","*.*")))
counter = 1
if (len(infiles) > 0):
    p = Path(infiles[0])
    outfile = str(p.parent) + "\\newfile.xlsx"
    writer = pd.ExcelWriter(outfile, engine='xlsxwriter')

for infile in infiles:
    p = Path(infile)
    if (p.suffix == ".csv"):
        inp=pd.read_csv(infile, sep = ",")
    elif (p.suffix in [".xlsx", ".xls"]):
        inp=pd.read_excel(infile, dype = str)

    counter = counter + 1
    sheetname = p.name
    sheetname = sheetname.replace(p.suffix, "")
    inp.to_excel(writer, index = False, sheet_name = sheetname[0:30])

except NameError:
    print("No file selected")

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