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December 20, 2017

Graphs with GrViz through R-DiagrammeR

Filed under: R — Prabhuram @ 5:11 pm

It is very easy to draw flowcharts or graphs through DiagrammeR. Below is a quick snippet to encourage you to look for more about GrViz and DiagrammeR.


digraph nicegraph {
graph[rankdir = TB]
node [fontname = Helvetica,
shape = rectangle, fixedsize = true, width = 2]
node [fillcolor = 'YellowGreen', style = filled]
A[label = 'ABC']
D[label = 'XYZ']

node [fillcolor = 'Orange', style = filled]
B[label = 'ABC']
C[label = 'ABD']
E[label = 'DEF']
F[label = 'MNO']

edge [arrowhead = vee]

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