Comparing Dataframes with Python

I created a "class" that will help compare two dataframes in Python. This is a easy-to-use version compared to the one that was created earlier.
Calling the functions in this class is easy.[3:8], df[3:4])
import pandas as pd

class Compare(object):
    #e.g., compare(df[3:8], df[3:4])
    def compare(x, y):
        return pd.merge(x, y, on = list(x), how = 'outer', indicator = '_difference_')

    #e.g Compare.readxl("c:\\users\\vprab\downloads\\Financial Sample.xlsx")[3:8]
    def readxl(file, sheet_name = 0, header = 0, skiprows = 0):
        return pd.read_excel(file, sheet_name = sheet_name, header = header, skiprows = skiprows)
    #e.g., readcboard(sep = ',')
    def readcboard(sep = ','):
        return pd.read_clipboard(sep = sep)
    #e.g., writexl(pd.read_clipboard(sep='a'), "prp.xlsx")
    def writexl(df, file):
        writer = pd.ExcelWriter(file)
    #e.g., writecboard(pd.read_clipboard(sep='a'))
    def writecboard(df, excel = True):
        df.to_clipboard(excel = excel, index = False)