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March 4, 2018

Mass Shooting in the USA

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April 13, 2014

Thai Life Tearjerker Ad – Business Insider

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A heartwarming new ad from Thai Life Insurance has brought southeast Asia to tears and is now making its way to computer screens around the world.

In the East, super-sad ads designed to make viewers bawl and sob as their hearts melt are a time-honored advertising tradition. No mawkish stone goes unturned in brands’ fight to make Asian consumers’ eyes water and throats catch. Google, Thai Life Insurance, and the Thai mobile company TrueMove H are among brands that have aired ultraheavy ads recently.

The new Thai Life ad, named “Unsung Hero,” shows one virtuous young man as he performs random acts of kindness on a regular basis. He gives up his bus seat to a woman who is standing, brings bananas to an elderly neighbor, and donates money to a young girl on the street raising funds to pay for an education.

via Thai Life Tearjerker Ad – Business Insider.


Heartbleed bug affects gadgets everywhere

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What does exposure actually mean? What could be hacked? Here is a rundown, provided by researchers at security provider SilverSky and Singlehop.

Work phone: At least four types of Cisco IP phones were affected. If the phones are not behind a protective network firewall, someone could use Heartbleed to tap into your phone’s memory banks. That would yield audio snippets of your conversation, your voicemail password and call log.

Company video conference: Some versions of Cisco’s WebEx service are vulnerable. Hackers could grab images on the shared screen, audio and video too.

VPN: Some versions of Juniper’s virtual private network service are compromised. If anyone tapped in, they could grab whatever is on your computer’s memory at the time. That includes entire sessions on email, banking, social media — you name it.

Smartphone: To let employees access work files from their iPhones and Android devices, some companies opt for Cisco’s AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client app for iOS, which was impacted by Heartbleed. An outsider could have seen whatever you accessed with that app.

Switches: One type of Cisco software that runs Internet switches is at risk. They’re notoriously hard to access, but they could let an outsider intercept traffic coming over the network.

via Heartbleed bug affects gadgets everywhere – Apr. 11, 2014.

Global Warming Blamed on Humans With 99.9% Certainty, New Study Suggests

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Global Warming Blamed on Humans With 99.9% Certainty, New Study SuggestsPosted by: Chelsea Alves 1 hour agoClimate change, also known as global warming, is with 99.9% certainty man-made, a nonlinear physicist at McGill University concluded; in a paper published in Climate Dynamics.

In his paper tilted “Scaling fluctuation analysis and statistical hypothesis testing of anthropogenic warming,” Shaun Lovejoy can’t prove one negative — that humans aren’t ruining our planet. What he was able to do was demolish the claim that natural variability is the root cause of the world warming, not to mention extreme weather phenomena the world has recently been experiencing.

via Global Warming Blamed on Humans With 99.9% Certainty, New Study Suggests.

June 17, 2013

BrahMos missile cant be intercepted

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NEW DELHI: BrahMos, the world’s only supersonic cruise missile and a symbol of the India’s military prowess has been billed to be “uninterceptable” for the “next 20 years”, by none other than the “father of BrahMos” himself.

“The equivalent of BrahMos is yet to built. And, in the next 20 years, it cannot be intercepted by an enemy,” says A Sivathanu Pillai, scientist, and CEO and MD of BrahMos Aerospace sharing the vision for the future trajectory of growth for the iconic missile technology developed jointly by India and Russia.

Pillai, also Chief Controller (R and D), DRDO and hailed largely as the “father of BrahMos” mentions “missile technology” as one of the 10 key and “unique leap-frog technologies” for building a securer and greater future of India, “driven by youth power” in a new book which he has co-authored with the former President A P J Kalam.

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April 2, 2013

The Most Dangerous Countries for Tourists, In Maps – Olga Khazan – The Atlantic

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Its been an alarming past few weeks for fans of international travel.

In March, a Swiss woman was gang-raped while she was camped out in a forest with her husband after a day of biking around the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. And on Monday, an American tourist was raped by three men over the course of six hours while aboard a public van near the seaside resort town of Copacabana .

The incidents have already taken their public-relations toll. The Brazil rape is the latest evidence that the country has a growing sexual assault problem — reports of rapes there have risen 150 percent since 2009 — and raises questions about Brazils readiness for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games.

via The Most Dangerous Countries for Tourists, In Maps – Olga Khazan – The Atlantic.

December 15, 2012

‘Gandhi’ costume Oscar returned to Academy for safekeeping – UPI.com

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Bhanu Athaiya, the first Indian to win an Oscar — for costume design on 1982’s “Gandhi” — said she returned her statuette to the Academy for safekeeping.

The Mumbai-based filmmaker said she does not trust anyone in India to keep the award safe, The Hollywood Reporter reported Friday.

If [acclaimed Indian writer and poet] Rabindranath Tagore’s Nobel medal could be stolen from [Tagore’s hometown] Shantiniketan, what is the guarantee my trophy would be safe?” Athaiya said in a statement.

“In India, no one values such things, and we lack a tradition of maintaining our heritage and things pertaining to our culture. In the past, many Oscar winners have returned their trophies for safekeeping with the Academy such as eight-time Oscar-winning costume designer Edith Head, among others.”

The Academy also accepted papers and photographs related to the work on “Gandhi” by Athaiya, 86, who is undergoing treatment for a potentially life-threatening brain tumor.

“… We are in the process of creating the finest motion picture museum in the world, and I’m certain it [Athaiya’s statuette] will find a place to be displayed there,” Scott Miller, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences assistant general counsel and managing director of administration, said in an email to Athaiya.

via ‘Gandhi’ costume Oscar returned to Academy for safekeeping – UPI.com.

December 8, 2012

Black Ivory coffee made in Thailand using beans digested by elephants | Mail Online

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Forget robusta and arabica – this is the worlds most expensive coffee, given its unique flavour by…an elephants digestive tract.The thought of a coffee bean passing through an elephants internal organs might not leave coffee-lovers overly enthused. But the unique coffee, created in the hills of northern Thailand, is now the worlds most expensive variety.

via Black Ivory coffee made in Thailand using beans digested by elephants | Mail Online.

September 22, 2012

How the war on terror is a war of terror – Al Jazeera English

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As we approach twelfth year of the West-led war on terror (WOT), it is time to ask: what terrorism is. The more we watch and read about terrorism the less we understand it. The mediatised discourses on terrorism often mystify the phenomenon and politics of terrorism. This article critiques the dominant consensus on terrorism and WOT to pose some unpalatable questions essential for a fair debate. I make three arguments.

First, the near consensus that terrorism is an act of violence by non-state actors to enact political change through fear is not only dubious and historically untenable it is also unethical as it unqualifyingly legitimises the state violence/terrorism which is responsible for killing far more number of people than those killed by terrorists.

Second, I argue that we begin writing about the terror of counter-terrorists. It is my contention that counter-terrorists too practice terror. In fact, their terror is deadlier because of their assumed legitimacy, gigantic infrastructure, lethal weapons and sheer reach state terror has. To this end, I discuss “symbolic terror” of the term “new terrorism”. In defining contemporary terrorism as distinctly religious, Islamic (often implicit than explicit), the so-called security experts and terrorism scholars perpetuate symbolic terror against Islam.

Third, dismissing the doxa that terrorism emanates from a flawed personality or an allegedly violent religion, Islam – the 21st century discussion on terrorism is ultimately about Islam – I argue that violence terrorists resort to, in key ways, simply reflects the terror-ridden, national, global polity we inhabit. An antidote to terrorism is not, as counter-terrorism pundits preach, tightening of “homeland security” and unethical aggrandisement of “national interests” but shaping a humane world with human(e) interests.

Continue reading this interesting article by Irfan Ahmad from Al-Jazeera. Posted via How the war on terror is a war of terror – Al Jazeera English.

August 10, 2012

Diseases that just won’t quit

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Gonorrhea – No one applauds the clap, but the disease seems to be coming back for an encore. The Centers for Disease Control recently warned that there is now only one drug, ceftriaxone, which is effective as a first treatment for the sexually transmitted gonorrhea, reported Fox News.

Ebola – The intestine-dissolving disease featured in the movies “Outbreak” and “The Hot Zone” struck Uganda in July. So far, 16 have died, but the World Health Organization claims the disease is now under control, reported Voice of America.

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